INPREL, INGENIERIA DE PROYECTOS SA (Project engineering) is a colombian company with extensive experience in the creation, development and implementation of adding value products in communications based in the latest technology.

With a large portfolio of products aimed to the private and public sectors that specialize in finding solutions as a base to optimize the resources of available communication and generate new sources of income.

Big part of this services are implemented to public and private sectors in partnership with telephone companies of each city, which has allowed to get closer with their customers multiplying its good image and improving their quality of life.

INPREL, based in the leading technologies, creates, develops, adapts, markets and operates integrated telecommunications systems that adds value to its customers managerial activities.
All of that, always updating the knowledge and innovating in continuous way, in order to offer the client outstanding economic conditions and optimal standards of quality, that allow them to remain in the time.
To surprise our customers with our creativity to render agregated value in applied technology that nobody else has offer.